Strength. Performance. Protection.

Indicated for all dental patients who are playing sports like football, soccer, hockey or gymnastics, it's important to use proper-fitting mouthguards. Custom-fit FIERCE mouthguards are more comfortable and offer significantly more protection than the traditional "boil and bite" mouthguards.

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Limitless Custom Designs

With Fierce mouthguards, you can choose from 27 standard colors or create your own unique combinations of two or more colors.

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The perfect fusion of strength, comfort and style has arrived with

Fierce mouthguards,now available. Every Fierce mouthguard is

100% customized to your specific needs. Get Fierce today!

Introducing Fierce Mouthguards

Individually designed and fabricated by trained professionals, Fierce mouthguards offer premium protection from a myriad of dental injuries and complications occurring from sports. Although more expensive than traditional methods, these are considerably more comfortable and less inhibiting while in the mouth while providing the absolute maximum protection.

Fierce mouthguards can help prevent:

  • Lip, cheek and chin lacerations
  • Broken teeth
  • Displaced teeth
  • Permanent jaw joint injury
  • Neck injuries
  • Concussions


Custom Look

Available in over twenty seven colors and designs with six levels of sport specific protection, Fierce mouthguards meet the needs of any athlete, from gymnasts to MMA fighters.

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Solid Colors

Fierce mouthguards range from Deep Black to Bright Pink. Choose your favorite color from our available list of solid colors.


Choose and create your own unique limitless combinations of two or more colors for personal or team options.



Choose from exciting color patterns from Goldflakes to Camo-strip to have a 100% customized mouthguard to your specific needs.

Currently the ADA recommends custom mouthguards for the following sports: Acrobatics, Football, Martial Arts, Skiing, Volleyball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Racquetball, Skydiving, Water Polo, Boxing, Handball, Rugby, Soccer, Weight Lifting, Discus, Ice Hockey, Shot Putting, Squash Wrestling, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Skateboarding and Surfing.

With the increase in both the number and cost of sports related trauma to the teeth, athletes and people in general are seeking both the most up to date technology and comfort available in a mouthguard”, said Amy Ceresa, President of DDS Lab. “Fierce mouthguards are 100% customized to the specific needs of each case."